don’t mind the skin

…not on the two sketches hahah. I meant my finger on the bottom right hand of the page. I was working on my OC for the mobile dating sim, The Arcana. I’m not sure what shape I want their eyes and face to be so I tried sketching two different ones to see how I like them. I tried diamond and triangular here because those are two face shapes I almost never draw.

The diamond shape was a little challenging, but I really liked drawing it. The triangular one…eh, not so much. It was super hard to get the proper angle of the face to make it appear more triangular. Never realized that would be so difficult. I need to work on my inking and coloring because I don’t think I like the overall look of these sketches except for the hair (which was a TOTAL BLAST to draw btw).

rough draft times infinity

Well…I hope not. I redid my social media logo/brand mascot more than a couple of times. In hurts to be so indecisive and I hope that by next year, this little fella will still look awesome to me. It’s supposed to be a cartoon-inspired, stylized pigeon holding a paintbrush (in case my sketch was kinda hard to decipher). Because my name is…well, you know…lol.

Bonus: I was inspired to redo my avatar/logo/mascot after looking over my tablet wallpapers. They’re classic Sonic the Hedgehog promo art. I think they’re so lovely…

spectre heads

The first image is originally a doodle I did in my class notes when I was studying at home and got bored. My inspiration there was The Spectre DC comic charcter.

Second image is the first drawing I completed on the ibisPaintX app using my phone and my good ol’ index finger. I used the first image as a template.