give him a piece

This was originally an Inktober illustration, which I was going to color in with markers. I never got around to completing this – or Inktober that year – so Screaming Lady will always be a wip v_v

It’s actually Kate Walker, lead protagonist from the point-and-click adventure game, Syberia. I first discovered the game as a NDS port. I think I was about halfway through the game, but then stopped playing to focus on school. I finished the rest of the game by watching a Let’s Play of it on YouTube.

The first thing that stood out to me when I played was the fact that Kate will occasionally receive (sometimes intrusive) phone calls and voice messages. And although it’s one of my favorite gameplay features of Syberia, the calls between Kate and her boss, Mr. Marston, were aggravating at best.

As the game progresses, it becomes clear that Kate is pretty fed up with Marston’s impatience (and frank disrespect). I kept thinking the whole time about how cool it would be for her to just cuss the guy out and quit the job.

I would never advise that in real life, but within the context of the story, I’d say it makes sense.

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