flick on your inner hero

The title seems a little corny, but that’s what I wrote at the bottom of the page. It’s also a pun. I like puns. Puns are fun.


Random illustration of Amy Rose taking up hammer in hand to protect her Flicky friends. It actually looks more like they’re celebrating than anything else. I used Amy’s classic look because I love the pseudo retro feel to her outfit. It’s really cute.

I was thinking about how Princess Peach was a playable character in the old Mario games, and not merely a damsel. In the classic Sonic promo art, Amy was often depicted as the girl who liked Sonic or the girl who Sonic rescues. Damsel or potential love interest.

But then I thought of Peach.

What if, in the original games, Amy had her hammer (or some variation)? And what if she actually used it to defend the Flickies/forest animals from Dr. Robotnik’s forces? What if she was a playable character in the original Sonic 1-3 games? What fun! X3

That thought process is how this illustration came to be.