christine || 280|| nonbinary || any pronoun || character artist || craft maker

hi :3 i’m a traditional artist that likes to draw a lot of different people, sometimes of a queer nature. when I’m not doing that, i’m probably sewing. i also enjoy writing short stories and mobile gaming. i have a lot of other art accounts, each one with a different theme. read on for more art info and a detailed list of all that i post in this blog.


  • chiefly a traditional artist; dabbles in digital
  • mainly uses colored pencils, markers, ink and occasionally, watercolors; teaching self how to use gouache
  • go-to programs: GIMP, FireAlpaca; practicing with Inkscape
  • sews on Singer Brilliance 6180 (basic stuff); used for all school assignments / personal projects


  • mostly anime/manga fan; trying to read more western comics
  • first anime/manga to influence art was Tite Kubo’s Bleach series
  • by high school, style deviated away from manga to semi-realism
  • is currently heavily inspired by real life portraits; slightly less by Western comic and Seinen genre art
  • would describe art style as “stylized realism”
  • open to drawing in different art styles depending on subject and medium


  • fanart / original work
  • story outlines
  • anatomy practice
  • concept sketches
  • world-building notes
  • any unfinished drawings
  • digital sketches
  • unfinished sewing projects
  • underpaintings
  • story excerpts